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Although I am a Frenchman, born and raised in Paris, and I don't appreciate the English language that much, I have been blogging in English for more that four years.

There were many reasons for it, that I explained several times. Yet, the reasons have progressively vanished. I don't feel like writing in English any more.

If I keep on blogging, which is likely, I'll do it in French from now. I guess that most readers of B.L.O.G. don't understand French. I apologize but… "C'est la vie" *smile*.

Have a good wind, everyone.

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    I don't really spend much time with my head out of a book these days, so rarely read or write blogs. Every so often I poke my head to see what is happening out in 'Blogland'. I am glad I did today. If not, I may have missed this post and not had the opportunity to say goodbye.

    . . . et aussi, au revoir et merci de votre lecture intéressante au cours des dernières années.

    (Je m'excuse pour mes erreurs. Je suis encore très mal avec le français!)


    I'm very sorry to see your blog go, my friend. It is what brought our friendship about, as you know. Even when I felt I didn't have anything good to say about what you wrote, I would still read every post. I shall miss it.



    Michelle, Vanessa, thank you. You are among the few people who make me feel guilty to stop this blog.

    Vanessa, it will not change anything about our longstanding friendship and occasional visits when I go to California. Till soon.

    Michelle, I was very sorry when you closed your blog yourself. I have no plan to ever go to Australia (who knows though?), yet I guess you will come to Paris again, soon or later. Please, send a mail to billykidney[AT] when you plan to come, okay? (or earlier, why not, this mailbox is open). I'll be glad to meet or exchange mails. In the meanwhile, I wish you good luck for your studies.


    well, that sucks major buttoties! :-|

    question though, where will you be blogging in French? same blog?


    Hello Bedouin. Can you read French? I am not sure yet about what I'll do. I first thought of building something plain new with Wordpress. I don't have time enough for it though. I might simply have B.L.O.G. layout copied-pasted into another blog then, which would be much simpler and timesaving.
    Anyway, when I have created the new blog, I'll write its address in here, I promise.
    I hope everything is going fine in your place and your studies. Take care!


    Billy, you should not feel guilty, you have to do what is right for you. I have noted your email address and will certainly contact you. I am hoping to come to Paris sooner rather than later, and will email you once something is confirmed. In the meantime, I will check in from time to time to see if you have linked to a French blog. I am hopeless reading French, but the only one to learn is to keep at it!

    On 06 February, 2010 21:51 Anonymous said...

    Aw. Well, might brush up my French then!


    You got it Hippo: it was the main altruistic reason for stopping this blog. Please don't stop spending your summer holidays in France though, I'll be glad to meet Mr G. and you some day.


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