Nice to meet you

This is a magnet I bought yesterday afternoon, in the boutique of the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego where I am now. Two hours later, I met three Yahoo chat friends who live in this city. None of the nice girls I had dinner with was like this scary granny, in look or character — granted, it did not surprise me.

Meeting chat friends is a pleasant experience. I hardly understand why some people don't feel like it, or are scared of it.

Chicago Blues

<em>Eddie Shaw and the Wolfgang</em> at Buddy Guy&apo;s Legend
When electricity met the Blues: Chicago Blues

All day long, I have been carrying my digital camera in Chicago streets, parks and museums. It is a good one, but it is also a big one. It's not that heavy, only it is cumbersome. That's why I decided not to take it with me tonight... What a mistake.

Being in Chicago for a couple of days, I had to go and listen to good blues music, and Buddy Guy's Legend was a few blocks from my hotel only. The guys playing in there were Eddie Shaw & The Wolfgang, good music.

Every Time I Sing The Blues
(Buddy Guy & Eric Clapton)

Since I was silly enough not to bring my camera, I took a couple of shots with my cell phone. Little light and the musicians moving a lot with the rhythm, it was a stroke of luck that one photo, although not great, was good enough not to be put directly to the bin.

From now on, I am always taking my camera when I go to a special place, I swear!

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