Seeing the Music

Fences of the Jardin Public — Bordeaux, Octobre 2007.
Fences of the Jardin Public — Bordeaux, Oct. 2007
As reported in the previous blog, I saw again in San Diego those monumental sculptures by Bernar Venet I had seen in Bergen and Bordeaux.
It reminded me of that short trip in Bordeaux two years ago for yet another medical conference. I don't remember much of the conference itself, but I do remember it was a good opportunity to try a couple of good wines.

Yet the city was not pleasant at the time. A big part of it was spoiled by constructions for a new tramway. Visiting was a pain. On my last day there though, as I walked among the road works to kill time until the next train to Paris, I reached by chance the Jardin PublicThe Public Garden — a heaven of peace and greenery downtown. About twenty large photographs by were displayed on the fences of the park.


Taken during rehearsals, concerts, or in the wings, they caught various facets of life inside L'Orchestre d'Aquitaine, the Bordeaux Orchestra, freezing expressions, gazes, and gestures of the musicians, hereby emphasizing their work, stress, precision and concentration.

Image Image
Image Image
Image Image

Watching such a series of photos was a little like chasing rainbows: you try to see the music when you cannot hear it. Thanks to them, my mood was lighter when I reached the station.

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