Pharaoh Seti I offers Maat
Pharaoh Seti I  offers to the Gods
an image of Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice.
(Musée du Louvre, Paris)

Ding-dong. The doorbell. Saturday afternoon, 3:00 pm, I am on my bed, reading unenthusiastically a medical article, on the edge of a little nap.

Ding dong. Hmm, this is the doorbell indeed. The guys outside did not use the interphone first. Maybe a neighbour from another step? All right, let's go and see...

Yikes. They are two people on my doorstep. One man and one woman. Pale. Thin. They have not greeted me yet, but they already smile, with some disquieting benevolence. He has a thin goatee, dark eyes and white teeth. She swept her whole being into her suave sky blue eyes. She has no body. She is only a gaze of disembodied and icy goodness.

I know who they are, and they know I know. They don't really care, they have a mission. He begins to talk, while she sharpens her gaze on me, slightly tilting her head. I feel as if I were Mowgli in Disney's The Jungle Book, when he meets the python for the first time. I am unwilling to let religious freaks hypnotise me that easily though.

"We call in on you to make you know the Truth", he says, while pulling out a coloured leaflet from a black attaché-case. The Truth. Oh well. Learning the Truth isn't on my agenda for today. I planned to read and rest a little but — to tell the truth — I don't feel like learning the Truth this afternoon.

— "Well, sorry but I am quite busy right now".

— "You know, we need a five minute talk only", she says. Her lips smile, her eyes remain impassible. Does she blink sometimes? "God loves you. You must hear the Truth!"

"No, thanks. No talk. No Truth. Not today".

Under the goatie, two thin lips make the ghost of a tense smile. In the blue eyes, the storm remains under control. Such shades of pardon for my short-sighted incomprehension will make me lose my temper soon. I feel it, and they see it. He puts his leaflet back into his briefcase, whose zipping means both the loss of my soul and the saving of my nap. Truth is going away. I already love the untruthful nap I am going to take.

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    I remember our conversation about this.

    On 20 December, 2008 22:29 Anonymous said...

    The truth! well, wouldn't it be lovely to know the truth! The trouble with those people is they have no accurate concept of truth as per my definition. And although I am a categorical doubter, I do think I know better when I claim that what they claim is not Truth, just opinion and speculation. I am not interested in that!
    So no thanks to that. There are plenty of opinions and speculations to be had elsewhere, which are more fun, and brought with more relish, too.


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