Happy Unbirthday!

Well, let's see...

(Checking my organizer) Today is October 23... nothing written here.

(Checking my address book) No, no one among my relatives. None of my friends either.

(Checking my memo board) Nope, no one actually. I knew I was not mistaken! Nobody I know has his birthday today!

Happy unbirthday, everyone! A very merry unbirthday to you! (yes, you)

3 comment(s):

    It is my Happy Unbirthday too!!!!!

    I want a unicorn . . .
    A house that flies . . .
    A Butterfly dress . . .
    A yacht to take me around the world . . .

    And to visit my dear friends . . .

    On 25 October, 2008 22:07 Anonymous said...

    There are some Moments in life, always unexpected ones, when a twinkling little star makes this ...Whole... to become an ALL-right, peaceful, joyous, overflowing spark of inner warmth and light...

    This is a moment of what-Being- Humane-truly-is ...a moment never to be forgotten or lessened by the time passing, a moment that will never cease to exist...

    Do thank YOU for giving birth to it!

    Signed: just one of the "yes, you" blessed travelers.

    Happy many, many Unbirthdays to you and yours !




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