Toilet Paper

I found the roll of toilet paper displayed on the left in La Grande Épicerie du Bon Marché, a big department store close to my building. I could not help but buying it.

After my attention has been attracted on the topic, I could not help either but looking for up-to-date information about toilet paper. The funny thing is: I found a lot! Especially, several detailed articles about how people would manage, before paper, hence toilet paper, was invented, including a chapter of the novel by François Rabelais, Gargantua, published in 1534.

ImageFocusing on the design of toilet tissue in the 21st century though, I found out that there are dozens, even hundreds of designs: TP with euros, frogs, razor blades, funny tales, whatever. Then, of course, there are collectors for it.

If you are a Sudoku addict for instance, I have good news for you: you can now find Sudoku-printed toilet paper rolls. Hmm... Making reference to a previous entry, I wonder if the wrapping clearly stipulate: 'Don't fill in the grid after you used the paper?''

WARNING: the video below is in bad taste undoubtedly.
(Yet it is funny)

Sandy Toilet Tissue - For Men.

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    (Not that romantic this time, I know. *mwah*)


    hahaha! omg! Not romantic at all..especially the video!

    I think I would have a really hard time ..umm.. cleaning myself with American dollars. But after watching the video, I probably would use it instead of "Sandy" toilet matter how much I normally like chile.


    Ah, Australian humour. I don't know whether to laugh or cringe.

    You know, there really are men like that here, who talk and act like that. Far too many of them, in my opinion! I don't know that they use sandpaper for the toilet, but if they thought it was tough, they might do just that ;-)

    I remember as a child going to visit people who had ripped up strips of newspaper instead of toilet paper. I was horrified. But I guess it beats sandpaper!


    Vanessa — I do like chile too... but not that way, thanks.

    Michelle — I suggest you choose to laugh! You know, I've seen the stips of newspaper in French bathrooms too, in the country when a child, so we are at odds there. Well. To get myself forgiven, the 'music of the week' is Australian also. I guess you might love it better than the video.


    Nothing to forgive, the Australian male is a vaguely amusing species ;-)

    Actually, I did laugh. Despite my desire to live somewhere else one day (well one place in particular) I can't completely disassociate from my common 'Australianness'

    I love Nick Cave and the Badseeds. I've seen them live many times. And that version of that song is one of my favourites.

    Have you ever heard Johnny Cash, the country singer do the Mercy Seat? It is really spine tingling stuff. I have to rush off to my French class now, but I will see if I can find it later.


    No, I had never heard Johnny Cash singing the Mercy Seat before. I have now, thanks to YouTube.

    Merci pour le renseignement !


    Il est un plaisir.

    You tube is wonderful, but such a distraction!

    On 26 March, 2009 04:28 Anonymous said...

    Michelle, the Australian male can't possibly be the super "Macho" type you're describing!.... Or is he??? A real Crocodile Dundee!!!

    Speaking about toilet paper (great subject by the way, Billy! lol) when I first arrived in France in 1971 I was amazed by these little sheets of brown "wax paper" that they used, so I decided to write letters home to my parents on them. (Unfortunately, no e-mails back then.) My mother said, "What curious looking writing paper." My dad told her, "I think it's toilet paper, dear." (lol)


    I know that video is cringe worthy if you are a Australian (and I am) but .... we do have the courage to send ourselves up. LOL

    many years ago I went on one of those 50 countries in 5 days bustours of Europe. There was a woman who was so taken with all the different types of toilet paper in the countries we visited that she took a sample of each and wrote the place the paper came from on it and made a collection! LOL


    Lady Jicky - Hah! I imagine the album: photos of the city or village she visited on every right page, and the toilet paper trophy on the left page.


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