From Dubrovnik to Mostar

Close to Mostar — March 13, 2009
(This one was a fast driver)
According to my experience of driving a car between Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) today, drivers in this part of Europe are of two kinds: fast drivers, and slow drivers.

Low drivers are really slowwww. They drive an old car, are sometimes quite old themselves, and will hardly exceed 50 km an hour in speed... on the downhill with the wind at their back, that is.

On the opposite, fast drivers drive very ffffffffffffast!!! Also, they are very, very good drivers obviously: they are so skilled that it is not a problem for them to overtake you in the bends or on the brow of a hill, especially when there is a white line and they are on the phone. Quite impressive, especially when they suddenly appear, just in front of you, at about 30 meters in a bend, as they are astutely overtaking one of those above-mentioned slow drivers.

I confess I was a little surprised the first time it occurred. I was not any more, half an hour and three similar incidents later. You cannot go against local customs, yet trying to stay alive until you reach your destination appeared just fair to me at the time. I found a tip then, I give for free in case you ever drive a car in the area: as soon as you catch up with an old VW Golf with a granny-driver going dead slow, just don't overtake it. Keep a cautious fifty-meter-security-distance between your car and the improvised shield, and enjoy the scenery. You are in vacation after all, no need to hurry.

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