Tao Tale

Yin & Yang Once upon a time in northern China, a small farmer lived close to steppes of which hordes of nomads had taken control. One day, he went back from the fair with a wonderful filly, for which he had squandered all his savings.

A few days later though, the young horse galloped away and disappeared beyond the dangerous border. The news quickly went around the village, and his neighbours each came in turn to sympathize with the peasant. Only he shrugged and said imperturbably:

— Clouds hide the sun, yet they bring rain. From a misfortune sometimes a benefit arises. We shall see.

Three months later, the mare came back with a superb wild stallion besides her. She was pregnant. Neighbours came and congratulated the lucky owner:

You were right in being optimistic, they said. You lost a horse first, but now you have three!
— Clouds sometimes bring rain, and devastating storms sometimes, the farmer said. Misfortune hides in the folds of happiness. Let us wait.

The farmer's only son broke the fiery stallion in, and loved to ride him. Several weeks later, he felt seriously and almost broke his neck. He came out of the accident with one broken leg. When the neighbours came and sang their complain again, the country philosopher answered:

— Calamity or blessing, who could know? Changes have no end in this impermanent world.

A few days later, general mobilization was enacted in the district to repel a Mongolian invasion. Every able-bodied young man had to go and fight. Few returned to their home. Thanks to his crutches, farmer's only son escaped the slaughter.

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    Thank you for posting this story. It has really made me think about how to view misfortune and fortune. ..


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