Bastille Day

Jean-Pierre Houel — The Storming of the Bastille
Jean-Pierre Houel — The Storming of the Bastille
July 14, 1789, by night. Louis XVI, King of France went asleep one hour ago in the Palace of Versailles, where Kings of France have resided since his ancestor Louis XIV, , made it the centre of its absolute power.

Every day, the King writes a few words in his diary. Today, he hunted for several hours as usual, so he wrote: Nothing...

His closer courtier, the Duke of La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, has just been told about , the medieval fortress and prison in Paris. He decides to awaken the King, and breaks the news to him.

The Bastille? it has fallen? the King asks, half asleep still.

Yes, Your Majesty. A messenger just told me the prison has been taken by the people. They killed Governor de Launay and Provost Flesselles, and walked their heads on poles by the streets of Paris.

Aw, it is a rebellion! the King says.

Oh no, Sire, it is not a rebellion. It is a revolution

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