The Statues of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty in Ellis Island, New-York
The Statue of Liberty — Ellis Island, New-York.
The Statue of Liberty, whose actual name is Liberty Enlightening the World, has stood in Ellis Island in New-York for more than 120 years: aimed at commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies in 1776, it arrived at New-York in 1886.
The Statue was the work of French sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi, with engineering help from Gustave Eiffel, and a present from the people of France to the people of the United States, dedicated to the friendship established between the two countries during the American war of independence.
The Statue of Liberty in the Jardins du Luxembourg, Paris
The Statue of Liberty.
Jardins du Luxembourg, Paris.
There are a lot of everywhere around the world, but Paris is probably the only city that gets two. First, a small Statue de la Liberté stands in Les Jardins du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens), a nice park in the centre of Paris, behind the French Senate on the left bank of the Seine River.

Les jardins du Luxembourg are in two basic parts. The organized part is a typical Jardin à la française, with straight dusty paths bordered with trees and playgrounds; there are also tennis courses, and pony rides, a marionette theatre, food kiosks and open-air cafes, and a big round fountain basin where you can rent sailboats and float them in... with the other ten-year-olds.
The wild part of Le Luxembourg is quite different. It is wilder, with deep bushes, many flowers, a fruit garden, beehives, and many statues, including this tiny model of the Statue of Liberty. In fact, it is not a replica, but the original bronze model of the statue. Frédéric Bartholdi used it as a pattern to have the New-York statue built, about 15 years later. He gave it to the city of Paris for the 1900's Universal Exhibition.

The Statue of Liberty in the Ile aux Cygnes, Paris
The Statue of Liberty.
Ile aux Cygnes, Paris.
There is another Statue de la Liberté in Paris. It stands in the Ile aux cygnes (Swans Island), near Grenelle Bridge on the Seine River. This statue is a copy. It was given by the city of New-York to the city of Paris in 1889. It faces west, towards its 'sister' in New York Harbour, which was erected a few years earlier and looks east, to the old world across the Atlantic Ocean.
To Auguste Bartholdi [...] America, with its democratic ideals and Republican government, was already enlightened, Barry Moreno, a librarian at the Statue of Liberty National Monument, once wrote. Europe, still full of czars and emperors, was not. Sadly, things have changed; enlightenment now appears a feature of countries on this side of the Atlantic rather. Yet hopefully, it will reappear in the U.S.A., with time...
Anyway. Happy July 4 to all the U.S. Americans!

Ingrid Betancourt freed
Postscript : I could not imagine when I wrote this blog that would arrive in Paris this afternoon, after she was rescued by Colombian forces on Wednesday.
Over the years of Ingrid Betancourt’s captivity in the Colombian jungle (almost six and a half year), France championed the Colombian-French politician and anti-corrupt activist as a symbol of endurance, holding rallies, marches and other events to draw attention to her plight.
Large posters bearing her face hang from the entrances of hundreds of French city and town halls, including in Paris, and on the summit of Mont-Blanc in the Alps. The posters are now crossed by the word LIBRE! (free!), at last.
Today was undoubtedly a great day to publish a blog about Liberty.

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    An amazing story about Ingrid Betancourt, n'est-ce pas? I was surprisingly moved to tears about her rescue. AND it was so daring and exciting!

    Autre sujet, could you tell/show me how to transfer all my blogs from 360° to here? Merci d'avance!


    It was great news indeed, after so long time, especially because everybody has felt very concerned here, as you know...

    After the good news, the bad news: transferring all your blogs to Blogger is simply not possible from Yahoo 360°. The only solution is posting them again one by one. Of course, you can copy-paste the html version.


    I felt so moved by her story, especially in light of my brother. It made me think of all the people who have been freed this year. I will write a blog about it soon.

    And Julia, if you do repost your blogs here, blogger allows you to post date to when you originally posted them. It is in the Advanced Options section when you write a post.



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