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Mise en abymeThe more I read and learn about Blogger, the more I am enthusiastic about it, or rather, about real weblog softwares. I had not fully realized before how poor a blogging tool Yahoo 360° is. For example, you can easily post one picture at the beginning of posts, but if you want to illustrate them with several pictures, you must write a couple of lines of HTML code for each pic, which is annoying and time consuming.

Also, among the points I missed most in Yahoo was the lack of real archives and research tool. Now that it is a total mess there, I can hardly — or not at all — have access to many of my own posts, even if I remember when they were posted.

Fortunately, I've kept a copy of every blog I posted on Yahoo. Some of them are worth not being lost in the ether of Internet cyberspace, methinks. Since you can back date your posts in Blogger, I will do that, for some old blogs of mine I like particularly, in forthcoming days or weeks.

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    I knew you'd love it :D:D oh oh, and the countless free themes on the internet makes the design a true bliss.


    this is when we say ....BAHAHAHAHA!


    I have been banned from the Yahoo developers blogs myself, for asking them why google seems to manage to launch things that work, and they can't. They removed all my posts on the messenger developer blog, when I got testy about the Vista version, due January, 2007.
    Anyway, we can safely rule out the possibility of any programming capacity in the messenger team.
    However! I found that there is also a 360 team, and they have some good news:
    Update on exporting blog posts and comments
    They expect this soon, so analogous with the Vista version of messenger, you should not hope for a 360 export tool before the summer of 2009, but you know... there is hope!


    Bedouin: I just had a look at templates on the web, it is a gold mine indeed! Yikes, I am going to lose a lot of time trying them now, I don't thank you!

    Saskia: I know! the only post Yahoo team has posted for several months. Summer 2009? Once again, you just proved you're incorrigibly optimistic...


    Darn Billy... warn a person! I sprayed some very nice wine all over my screen when reading your remark!
    Yes, ok, so I am a bit of an optimist!
    sue me!
    We can settle this (dinner springs to mind) of course.


    LMFAO!!!!! niahahaha :P

    thought so... it's going to be fun though

    love the new template!!!


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