Sometimes One Must Jump In

Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, Québec — July 2005
Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, Québec — July 2005

Sometimes one must jump in

When you do that

You might wind up over your head

Or perhaps

You will float downstream

Worrying if there are rocks below

But when one stands

On riverside for too long

Then one is thinking too much

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    On 15 August, 2008 02:10 Anonymous said...

    sometimes one must jump out ...
    of the floating downstream
    the struggling upstream ...
    because when one stands
    in the river too much,
    not feeling the rocks below,
    the riversides
    and the sky-above
    then one is sinking too much...

    when you do that...
    you might reconsider the river...
    its sides and insights...


    'Sometimes' is the word, Mrs Anonymous. Sometimes... one can be intrepid, or cautious, a player or an observer, an ermit, or part of the crowd.

    I quoted Heraclitus lately, elsewhere: "It is in changing that we find purpose". I would rather follow him than Epicurus who aimed at pleasure by staying away of any risk of pain.

    On 16 August, 2008 03:18 Anonymous said...

    “Sometimes” was and is the word… as there are some right times for all one can/want/should be, as you stated …

    Knowing that, I just had the intrepidity of cautiously taking your “sometimes” for a jump into a crowded recollection of some “sometimes” of my own…observing the Sometimes facets and playing with it, in an interactive, yet, hermitical kind of way.


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