Wildlife Photographer of the Year

1997 One Earth Award - Angela Scott
Angela Scott  from Kenya won the One Earth Award 
in the 2007Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

The captain of our Russian icebreaker wedged his ship against the ice in Antarctica’s Amundsen Sea, so we could step off [...] A single emperor appeared out of the whiteness and headed towards the ship. It was completely unafraid and curious about the other two-legged-creatures wandering about on the ice. [...] We were probably the first humans it had ever seen. The picture I took is a statement on our world, its wild inhabitants and the nature of humans. (Angela Scott)

Elephant Creation by Ben Osborne
Elephant Creation by Ben Osborne
The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition has been running since 1964 under the patronage of the British Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

It is also sponsored by Shell now — oil companies try hard to restore their image, don't they. Have a look at the awarded pictures anyhow: about 20 awards in different categories, and several other great pictures, as the photo just above, by Ben Osborne, who was the overall winner of the contest.

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