My rorbu in Lofoten
Lofoten Islands — My rorbu (August 2006).

I am just back from Norway, after a two-week holiday trip all around that country. What you see opposite is a rorbu, a fisherman cabin built on piles on the sea.

I lived there for several days in , Norwegian islands abroad the polar circle, all made of mountains directly falling into the Artic Ocean. It is a wonderful place, with nice and friendly people. I walked, climbed, biked, and had very good food, fish especially.

Pontoon near the rorbu
Pontoon near the rorbu
The weather was fine, sunny and rather warm, above 20°C, which is funny since it mostly rained in Paris at the same time. In August, there isn't midnight sun any more, but days are still loooong: it was about 22:30 when I took these pictures.

Before that, I travelled in the southern and western parts of Norway and saw fjords, mountains, glaciers, and nice towns such as Bergen and Ålesund. I also spent two days in Oslo, essentially to see paintings by Munch, a painter I love, in the National Gallery) and Munch Museum, and visit the Ibsen museum. I'll probably write about it some day.

I have taken about 800 photos, among which I am pretty glad of, well, about half a dozen, which is not that bad, is it?

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